Airrus has developed the Wrestle "big bait special" with the goal to create an unprecedented fishing rod focused on heavy duty fishing (Swimbaits, Umbrella Rig, Musky, Striped Bass). With heavy duty rods, many times rod companies rely on low module, high-resin blanks that have a very high torsional strength to avoid breakage - the result is a heavy, stiff and dead rod. Airrus, for the first time, wanted to use its radial-matrix and multimodulus technology, that is based on various modules of carbon fiber used on different parts of the blank (high module on tips, super-high on the backbone) that will allow you to feel completely the action of the lure or subtle bites even on deeper waters. The reaction times of this blank are very low, like the micro-vibrations of the tip after the cast that can reduce the casting distance and precision, this feature allows you to react faster on bites of a topwater lure, or cast further with maximum precision your 8" swimbait. On the ergonomics and balance, the X-Concept logo represent the technical perfection of the tool you will hold for a long fishing session. Powered by Kigan Stainless Steel and SiC Guides in a smaller size compared to usual heavy duty rods, reduce the periferic weight on the rod that increases the performance and yet allows you to use any type of nylon, braid or fluorocarbon, the constructive perfection of this guides will give you unparalleled reliability and lifetime. The Wrestle is the rod series in this power category that is better balanced, comfortable and powerful where needed. These results were obtained after a development lasting 13 months, with the goal to find the perfect balance between weights that are positioned before and after the reel-seat. An unconventional laser engraved alloy tube will always remind you that this rod was designed and manifactured to give you a real advantage in your fishing experience.


Multi-Modulus Technology

Multi-Modulus Technology



  IlgisGaliaAkcijaMasalo svorisValo testasDalysKaina 
AW701H-C7'0"HeavyFast21 - 11220 - 100 lb1€ 269.00 
AW801H-C8'HeavyFast21 - 11220 - 100 lb1€ 279.00 
AW801XH-C8'Extra HeavyFast56 - 22420 - 100 lb1€ 289.00